Holistic Facials

A Holistic Facial is a pure type of facial based around massage with a natural products and applications without the use of electrotherapies, extraction techniques & chemicals. This type of treatment has many benefits, some of which are that it:

  • Destressing & Relaxing 
  • Relaxes the Facial Muscles thus delaying the Onset of Wrinkles
  • Tones & Clears the Skin for a Healthy-Looking Complexion
  • Hydrates Dry Skin
  • Balances Oily Skin
  • Soothes Sensitive Skin
  • Improves the Skin's Appearance
  • Removes Dead Skin (Desquamation)
  • Increases Blood Circulation, helping Lymphatic Drainage
  • Has a detoxing effect on the body

What does the treatment involve?

Upon arrival the therapist will do a consultation as always, made specific to the Holistic Facial in that we will discuss & determine your skin type with a 'Skin Analysis'. This will form as a base which affects the rest of the treatment and help us to decide on essential oils to use individually tailored to you. Skin types & characteristics to help determine include:


  • Normal = smooth, soft & supple, healthy glow, not prone to spots.
  • Sensitive = vulnerable to dryness & redness, tendency to allergic reactions, sensitive to perfumed products.
  • Dry =  delicate, flaking, tight skin. Vulnerable to chapping in extreme temperatures.
  • Oily = shiny appearance, open pores, visible blackheads, vulnerable to blemishes & pimples
  • Combination = any of the above mentioned. Common oily 'T Zone' & dry cheeks.
  • Mature = loss of elasticity resulting in sagging & wrinkles.
  • Problem = prone to blackheads & spots, can be oily.

1) CLEANSE= To create and maintain healthy & clear skin. Involves the removal of make up & a soothing application of cleanser & rose water.


2) EXFOLIATION = To remove dead skin cells, wake up tired-looking skin (not for sensitive skin).


3) MASSAGE = Relaxing facial massage to increase blood flow & help lymphatic drainage. Relax tension in muscles, lift sagging skin, stimulate facial reflexes and help to clear sinuses with the use of Aromatherapy essential oils.


4) FACE MASK = For deep cleansing & nourishment. Optional extra of cucumber or cooled Chamomile teabags over the eyes; both great for helping hot, sore & tired eyes look & feel rejuvinated. Neck, shoulder, scalp and general extra soothing massage applied whilst mask is absorbing into the pores.


5) TONING = Cools & refreshes the skin, removes remaining traces of dirt on the skin with toner or rose water.


6) MOISTURIZE = Rehydrate the skin & keep it supple. Also acts as a barrier against pollutants & irritants.





30 minutes   £30

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