What is Massage?

MASSAGE is the use of hands, or mechanical means, to manipulate soft tissue & muscles of the body through specific techniques; commonly with the use of oils, which can benefit the body in many ways.


MASSAGE is soothing & instinctive: i.e. touch itself is comforting & calming for anybody, and when we knock or hurt ourselves we tend to use our hands to rub/sooth the area. These are characteristics instinctive in our make-up and massage is an extension of this.


Touch relaxes us & reduces stress, and since this is what massage involves, and 75% of diseases are said to be caused by stress – massage may well help. Massage is also universal & safe; anybody from babies to the elderly can benefit from the non-threatening, non-invasive touch of this therapy.

History of Massage

Massage has been on record since 300BC; making it one of the earliest therapies discovered and still used today. At this time it was used in China for health & relaxation promotion and since then it has been further practised & developed over the years:


  • In Japan which began the use of 'pressure points'.
  • In Egypt which used massage for cosmetic purposes; making their own natural oils & creams for hygeine & skin nourishment.
  • In Greece for treatment of diseases such as 'Neuroglia' and for exercise & healing purposes.
  • By the ancient Romans for aiding circulation to the heart and treating stiff, sore joints & muscles before and after battles to injured gladiators.
  • In the 1900's as a 'respectably special beauty treatment' and in World War I & II for nerve injury rehabilitation.

Massage has been on records for thousands of years for aiding health, relaxation and healing and as a therapist:


 "I can strongly relate to these findings, believing that massage is a fantastic naturally-sourced type of treatment which is vital for every person on a regular basis as it covers such a broad span of benefits to all".



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