Pregnancy Massage

Traditionally caring, therapeutic touch is recognised as a powerful way to help mothers embrace the immense physical, emotional and hormonal changes they experience during pregnancy and has been considered beneficial in ensuring good positioning of the baby.



Studies have shown that women who receive regular massage during their pregnancy are less anxious about giving birth and that ultimately they may have fewer complications during labour.

Apart from helping a woman to relax and feel great at this special time, there are numerous benefits from receiving massage during pregnancy:


  • Reduces stress
  • increases sense of well-being


Massage both reduces the stress hormone, Cortisol produced by the adrenal glands & stimulates the production of the so-called 'feel good' hormone Seratonin. It gives the mother an opportunity to connect with herself and her baby at a very profound level & to let go of some of the pregnancy-related stresses.


  • Aids relaxation
  • Encourages rest
  • Helps with Fatigue & Insomnia


Provides a 'space' for invaluable 'time out' for the pregnant mother to rest, relax & recharge her energy. During pregnancy women often experience insomnia & fatigue so massage can really help.

  • Ease muscle & joint pain


  • Increases physiological function Muscles & joints are put under increased pressure as pregnancy progresses and ligaments soften. Physiologically the return of venous blood flow to the heart is improved, thereby increasing both the oxygen flow from the mother's tissue to the baby.


  • Helps reduce Varicose Veins, Constipation & Hemorrhoids by increasing pelvic circulation.
  • Decreases Oedema (water retention) in the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage.


  • By allowing herself to be nurtured with the massage, the mother may also increase her ability to bond & connect with her infant.

At ELM we pride ourselves in taking the best possible care of you and your baby at this wonderful time whilst on your way to motherhood. No tests or studies carried out have said massage is problematic in the first trimester of pregnancy but it is recommended not to treat women in this stage as the embryo develops very rapidly in the first 12 weeks.



After this period the benefits shine through in aiding a healthy prenatal journey.


During the pregnancy massage, you will be in a side-lying position on the massage couch ensuring you and your baby are comfortable at all times. There will be plenty of towels & pillows available if required to protect your modesty and support your knees, back & bump.



Pregnancy Massage Prices


45 minutes £47


60 minutes £57


90 minutes £67

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