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  • Wayne (Wednesday, October 27 21 04:45 pm BST)

    Emma is, without doubt, one of the best practitioners of massage I have ever met. She is attentive, strong as an ox, and always finds and treats my many ailments.

  • Sam Levene (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:37 pm BST)

    "Hi Emma - (I've been) a different man! after you're massage and golf I've loosened right up thanks!

  • Pete Thompson (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:35 pm BST)

    "good news is that the muscular aches and pains from the sports one you did last time have gone, AND my legs aren't seizing up as they were before. Yay, you little diamond! x"

  • Sam Gridley (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:34 pm BST)

    "Hey Emma, feeling loads better this week thanks and no pain what so ever :) xx"

  • Alina Woodcock (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:33 pm BST)

    "Absolutely loved your massage. Thank you and have a lovely day x"

  • Michelle B (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:32 pm BST)

    "Dull ache has also gone. Comes back a little in the evenings. I think I might need a couple more sessions and then things will go back to normal. But I can feel a massive improvement. Thank you xx"

  • Salma A (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:30 pm BST)

    "If you looking for and amazing and fabulous massage or sports massage, check Emma Leeson's page please"

  • Kelly Burton (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:29 pm BST)

    "Hi Emma, Your massage was fab and my back feels better"

  • Emma Lucas (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:27 pm BST)

    "Just got back from another fantastic sports massage with Emma. My legs feel like they are floating! I've been seeing Emma for a while now and her help is really helping my progression by keeping on
    top of any previous injuries and strains I've had"

  • Hannah Watkins (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:25 pm BST)

    "Hi Emma, thank you for the great massage! My neck and shoulder feel better already, got more movement with my head with less pain :-) feeling quite calm and relaxed now :-) thanks again, see you
    soon xx"

  • Netty Weatherley (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:23 pm BST)

    "Been visiting the amazing Emma Leeson of ELM for years now. She has helped me recover from many injuries, aches and pains but now my regular treatments are to keep up with looking after my body and
    keeping injuries at bay. I send everyone to ELM"

  • Lizzie Williams (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:20 pm BST)

    "Hi Emma, it was much better afterwards thank you, felt fabulous!"

  • Salma (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:19 pm BST)

    "I felt amazing after the massage! x"

  • Amy Newman (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:18 pm BST)

    "75 mins sports massage, it was brutal but well needed! Ready for the half marathon on Sunday! Thanks Emma for being amazing as always"

  • Hannah Sorbie (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:16 pm BST)

    "The usual (treatment) is always spot on! I've had less problems with my back and shoulders at work, so it works well :-D thank you Emma! Will see you then xx"

  • Bethanie (Wednesday, July 20 16 10:09 pm BST)

    "It's been so much free-er slight bruise obviously where it was really bad but now so much better x"

  • Ashley Day (Saturday, January 30 16 05:05 pm GMT)

    "Emma was recommended to me by a friend after I started experiencing back complaints.
    Being my first professional massage, I wasn't too sure what to expect. Emma was courteous and informative from the very first message I sent to enquire about a sports massage.
    Upon arrival she was welcoming, warm and made to feel very much at ease. After talking through the treatment and what to expect I had my treatment done. Information about aftercare advice was
    Highly recommend and looking forward to booking my next session within the near future."

  • Rhyd Coombs (Saturday, January 30 16 05:01 pm GMT)

    "(feeling) Good thank you. Not really notices my left shoulder at all...good work! :)"

  • Megan Rhodes (Saturday, January 30 16 05:00 pm GMT)

    "Emma, not (feeling) bad at all! honestly feel like my back was a new one after seeing you, the combination of the chiropractor and your massages I think helped tons x"

  • Sarah (Saturday, January 30 16 04:59 pm GMT)

    "lovely massage as always" - feeling refreshed.

  • Hannah McCallum (Saturday, January 30 16 04:57 pm GMT)

    "Hey emma, feelin alot better, no more like grinding in my shoulders,"

  • Mel Bragan (Saturday, January 30 16 04:56 pm GMT)

    "First day without a headache in two weeks! Thanks so much Emma no idea what I would do without you"

  • Stef Nigel Mullins (Saturday, January 30 16 04:55 pm GMT)

    "Excellent massage again today. Highly recommend"

  • Shaun (Saturday, January 30 16 04:54 pm GMT)

    "Hi Emma. My shoulders are brill! well done :D"

  • Linda (Saturday, January 30 16 04:53 pm GMT)

    "I was full of energy for the whole day and into the evening! (after sports massage) A little bit sore next day but not much, and my neck has been miles better, so I'm looking forward to the same
    again in a couple of weeks! x"

  • Nicola Harding (Saturday, January 30 16 04:52 pm GMT)

    "feeling extremely relaxed after a lovely pregnancy massage with Emma!"

  • Steffi Franke (Saturday, January 30 16 04:50 pm GMT)

    "Thank you for all the hard work. You've made a huge difference to my back =)"

  • Simone (Saturday, January 30 16 04:49 pm GMT)

    "Dear Emma, thank you for always looking after me"

  • Jamie & Mel (Saturday, January 30 16 04:48 pm GMT)

    "Dear Emma thanks for all your care & support"

  • Mel & Lily (Saturday, January 30 16 04:47 pm GMT)

    "To Emma many thanks for all your great massages!"

  • Hayley (Saturday, January 30 16 04:46 pm GMT)

    "Thank you for my massages this year - more to come next year!"

  • Hannah. (Saturday, January 30 16 04:45 pm GMT)

    "Hi Emma, I have been much better thank you. The tension and general aches in my body have eased a lot and my anxiety has eased too. So all in all feeling much better :-) the massage was spot on!
    looking forward to my next session already. Hope you're well xx"

  • Mark (Saturday, January 30 16 04:43 pm GMT)

    "Hi Emma, yeah feeling great, went on a 11mile run Sunday no problems thanks"

  • Sam Whitworth (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:18 pm BST)

    "Wow! can't wait to rebook another :-) Thank you Emma x"

  • Sam Greenfield (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:15 pm BST)

    "Thanks for the massage emma was amazing will definitely going back next month :)"

  • Hannah Watkins (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:14 pm BST)

    "Had a fantastic Aromatherapy Massage today with Emma! Feel like my reset button has been pressed, feeling very relaxed. Thank you so much, I shall be back xx"

  • Mervat Mikhaiel (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:13 pm BST)

    "Emma you are really professional and your massage is comfortable"

  • Kate Trevis (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:12 pm BST)

    "Emma is extremely talented and excellent value for money. Would 100% recommend her to anyone!!"

  • Karen (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:11 pm BST)

    "Been feeling much better thanks. Neck a lot easier! Thank-you Karen x"

  • Miz Rae (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:10 pm BST)

    "Feeling amazing after an hour with the amazing Emma Leeson.... That massage was just what the doctor ordered"

  • Eiman Elgibreen (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:09 pm BST)

    "My visits to you were the highlight of my entire time in England, one of the best times I had in my stay thanks to you and your greetings cards to clients were the sweetest thing ever"

  • Eiman (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:08 pm BST)

    "Emma you are a talented massage therapist"

  • Hannah (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:07 pm BST)

    "I am feeling fine thanks. Thank you so much for your help and advice!"

  • Graeme & Wife (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:06 pm BST)

    "We both feel much better for our massages - thanks for working your magic! xx

  • Katherine Kavanagh (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:05 pm BST)

    "This stuff works wonders for me - many thanks to Emma for introducing it to me (and me to it)!"

    (talking about Fisiocrem)

  • Dara Tyrrell - Chiropractor (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:04 pm BST)

    "Hey Emma! feeling so much better thanks you little miracle worker! :-)"

  • Emma Lucas (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:03 pm BST)

    "Hey!! saw the chiropractor Monday. Things are definitely improving i'm also waking up in the mornings with no pain which is great. But she said you must have been doing a good job as its really
    helped improve things - thought i'd let you know :) xxx"

  • Samantha Whitworth (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:01 pm BST)

    "Omg that massage was amazing!!!!!! x"

  • The Jenman Family (Tuesday, October 20 15 04:00 pm BST)

    "Hi Emma. She has been great, no complaints of soreness and she tells me how much better she feels. See you soon :)"

  • Joyce Goble (Tuesday, October 20 15 03:58 pm BST)

    "Thank you for your care over the past year and being so friendly and bubbly"

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