Advanced Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic, deeply relaxing yet stimulating complementary therapy treatment dealing with the principles that there are 'Reflex Areas' in the hands & feet which correspond to all the organs, systems, glands & parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes can help maintain the body's physical and psychological equilibrium. The hands and feet are used as a 'map' or 'mirror' of the body and by manipulating & applying pressure to certain points the body can be re-tuned.



It uses a unique method of techniques with the hands & thumbs to:

  • releive stress & tension
  • improve blood circulation
  • to help acheive homeostasis in the body (healthy balance)
  • Promote unblocking of nerve pathways
  • bring relief to a wide range of acute & chronic conditions and lots more!

ELM is qualified in ADVANCED REFLEXOLOGY which includes extra knowledge & techniques such as:


  • Feet Reflexology = this is the normal treatment consisting of an optional foot bath, pre massage, reflexology treatment and post massage all in 60minutes.


  • Hand Reflexology = this is a treatment for those who prefer to keep their feet in their shoes, have infections or contra-indications on the feet or just as an additional extra & cross reference of reflexes. This is another way that you can still acheive the relaxation & benefits of this fantastic treatment in a shorter amount of time too. Also included is a hand/arm massage routine.


  • Taiwanese Reflexology = for those who prefer a slightly deeper pressure this stimulating & invigorating reflexology treatment uses knuckle-based techniques & a thai foot stick to increase reflex responses, energy, circulation & self-healing. And it feels divine!


  • Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) = a bitesize, profound and effective energising treatment which works the top of the hands/feet in a weight-bearing position for a short period. Offers extra stimulation to the nerve endings in the feet and a twist to 'commerical' reflexology. Some nerves become de-sensitised when feet are not weight-bearing which is why this method provides that extra stimulation. It is also a great treatment to use at events, and as reflexology tasters & demonstrations.


  • Reflexology for Pregnancy = specific techniques to relax & safely treat mothers-to-be as well as helping with sub-fertility, induction & labour. If trying to conceive this treatment is also beneficial for the male as it can help with stress related problems including low sperm count.

Brief History of Reflexology


Reflexology is said to have been practiced from 2330BC in countries such as Egypt, China, Greece, Japan and India as a method of maintaining physical, mental and spiritual balance.


Dr Fitzgerald; an American ENT physician discovered the relation between points affecting other areas of the body linking to energy meridians, acupuncture and acupressure points. He also invented the ten longitudinal reflex zones of the body which form a key part of this amazing treatment today. Eunice Ingham was the person who formed the reflexology charts and techniques which are used by therapists.



Advanced Reflexology Prices


 60 minutes £48


90 minutes £64


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