After every one of your massages the care continues. The therapist will discuss feedback with you to see how you found the treatment to be and how it can be made even better for your personal needs in future if required. It is your treatment so you're well-being and input is top priority!


The therapist will give you general aftercare advice & go through the possible effects of massage for the next 24-48 hours after treatment. Massage is a detoxifying process which relaxes us on all levels of mind, body & spirit and flushes out toxins & negative energies from our bodies for a full sense of well-being.


You will also be given individual aftercare advice specific to you and your needs so you can continue to improve your problem areas, lifestyle & well-being inbetween treatments when not with your therapist.


In the case of Sports Massage treatments; if you had a postural assessment as part of your consultation this will briefly be redone after the treatment to monitor your progress.


If you wish, you are welcome to book another appointment and the therapist will answer any further questions should you have any. I will aim to reach out the following week to 'check in' and see how you are doing post treatment.

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