Pre-Event Massage

Pre-Event massage is a type of Sports Massageperformed before a sporting event or performance with the aim of preparing the muscles for intense activity in order to achieve peak performance quicker and sustain it for longer.


The purpose is to stimulate; in physical terms, the muscles groups important to the event and mentally so the athlete can perform to their full capacity. 


Stimulation is acheived with the use of Tapotement & Petrissage strokes used in a brisk & rapid manner; focusing on the muscles being used for the event and at the same time ensuring to not overwork the area & warm up the surrounding muscles.

The massage aims to provide maximum stimulation in order for the cells in the body to have sufficient oxygen & nutrient supply to work at their optimum level and that waste, particulary lactic acid, is rapidly removed and does not build up causing cramps or stiffness. 


Local circulation should also be stimulated causing 'vasodilation' thus increasing the flow of fresh oxygenated blood through the widened arteries to warm the muscles & skin ready for activity.

Between-Event Massage

Between-Event massage is used in multiple event situations such as triathlons, pentathalons, knock-out competitions and midway through match events if required. It aims to combine both pre & post-event techniques to treat any damage or fatigue; such as lactic acid, reduce any swelling or complications of any microtraumas suffered for efficient muscle function, as well as prepare the body for the next event.



  • Pre-Event massage must not replace a warm up, it is just a part of it.


  • It is recommended that event massage should only be given if the athlete has previously been treated with massage during training or rehabilitation because the massage may disrupt the athletes performance if they are not used to it.

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