Onsite Chair Massage

Onsite Chair Massage or 'seated acupressure massage' is a sequenced treatment based on traditional massage techniques given to clients in a specially designed chair. This type of massage has been around for hundreds of years in countries such as Japan and was brought to the UK in the late 1980's from America. It is a very versatile treatment which is used in the treatment room as well as at corporate events, in the workplace, pamper parties, festivals & events.


In Japan, they call the style of masage 'Amna' which means 'press and rub' and is a massage style that has been passed down through generations from families & healers. Anma focuses on improving the flow of energy throughout the body and acts additionally on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems through its consideration of over pressure points distributed throughout the body.


Other areas known as trigger points that are also considered to aid energy fllow are worked on. Anma is a carefully considered technique which employs an ancient and highly respected knowledge of the body's systems in order to deliver a massage which addresses the body holistically as opposed to focusing on individual areas of pain or discomfort.

Chair Massage is an adaptable treatment which can be done on a normal chair as well as a 'massage chair' and is a 'skin on skin' massage (as per usual) with the use of oils, towels & cushions for the protection of the client's modesty as a normal massage in a treatment room. In this instance, only the top half garments will be removed for back, neck & shoulder massages. The treatment can also include arms & hands.

Female clients may wish to leave their bra on, where if so treatment can be performed over/around or by undoing straps with the client's permission. The treatment can also be done without the removal of clothes and with no oils.


This approach makes Onsite Chair Massage ideal for those who:


  • Have never received a massage
  • Would rather be fully clothed
  • Are at a public event
  • Can leave with skin oil free
  • Can be even quicker than a normal treatment (on your lunch break!)

Chair Massage has really taken off in the UK in the recent years, especially as the massage techniques are good for relieving stress and for the pains associated with sitting in an office chair for long periods or operating heavy machinery (as our workers very commonly do nowadays). Some big companies in the UK have begun providing their staff with weekly or monthly massages in an appropriate room at their place of work. Happy workers make efficient workers is the philosophy behind providing employees with this kind of service at the companys expense.


ELM has a very good quality 'Oakworks Portal Light' Chair we use for our treatments, only produced in the USA which provides great comfort for our clients during this treatment.

Onsite Chair Massage Prices


30 minutes £32


45 minutes £44


Would you like ELM to offer Onsite Chair Massages at your workplace to your workers?

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