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What times does ELM operate for treatments?

ELM is currently offering treatments:


- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays 10am - 7pm

Do I need to do anything before my treatment?

Before your first treatment please ensure you have spoken with Emma to arrange & answer any queries, consulted with your doctor if you have any medical conditions and are not suffering from any 'total contra-indications' on the day. Read the Initial Consultation tab for more information.


If Emma is coming to you for your treatment, she will be in contact with you upon booking your appointment regarding your location, parking facilities, accessibility & space of your home & area and any health & safety concerns. On the day of the treatment please ensure the area being used for the massage is private, clear of any obstacles and away from any disruptions. 

When should I arrive for my treatment?

If you are having your treatment at Sunkissed


  • On your first treatment only please ensure you arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so I can go through an initial consultation with you, answer any questions and go through any health issues if apparent.


  • On all other treatments please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your arranged appointment time; I may still be setting up the treatment room or be with another client.


  • Upon arrival there is a white door (2a & 3a) to the right of the Sunkissed entrance. Walk through this door to the very end of the pathway near the garden where ELM's treatment room door will be the last on the left. If the door sign says 'engaged' I will be with another client still. If it says 'free', please knock and I will invite you in.
  • If you wish you are more than welcome to enter the main Sunkissed salon to use the toilet facilities, make use of their waiting area with complementary water, teas & coffees or have a chat to the lovely staff about their services.


  • Sunkissed is 1 mile north from Portslade station, there are bus stops in both directions within 200 metres and it is free on-street parking nearby. 
  • NOTE: parking in the layby of the Parade of shops is limited to 1 hour only, unlimited parking after 6pm

If Emma of ELM is coming to you for your treatment she will aim to be there

5-10 minutes before the scheduled treatment time in order to set up treatment space/equipment and consult with you.

What do I need to bring/wear?


  • Cash to pay for your massage (see prices)
  • Your diary and appointment card to log & book in for your next treatment
  • A hairband to tie up long hair



  • Contact details for you, an emergency contact and your doctor.
  • Names & doses of any medication taken
  • Doctor/Practitioner referall note (if you have a medical condition - this would normally have been discussed beforehand).

And of course..... yourself!


NB: Additions are details needed for initial consultation paperwork which will remain confidential.




Generally it is better to wear loose comfortable clothing. Before the treatment you will normally be sitting consulting with the therapist and/or having a postural assessment and after the treatment you may have oil on your skin so may prefer clothing that is easy to put on.


For the full body Sports Massage, Holistic Massage & Pregnancy Massage you will undress to underwear on lower half (briefs, boxers or stretch-shorts are practical & provide comfort for most clients). You will be provided with pillows for support and constantly covered by towels effectively throughout the treatment to keep the muscles warm & protect modesty. Only the area that is being worked on is uncovered at any time.


Area specific treatments


  • Treatments involving the head, neck, face & shoulders just need upper body garments removed (trousers can remain), ladies can keep bras on if they prefer but will need straps down to arms.
  • Treatments involving the upper back & arms, bras will need to be removed as straps and attachments will restrict access to the muscles. As always modesty will be covered at all times.


  • Treatments involving the back will need upper body garments removed, for the lower back loose trousers can be kept on if preferred but restrictive material like denim will need to be removed (underwear always kept on).
  • Treatments involving the lower body (upper/lower legs & feet) trousers should be removed but non-resticting shorts may be worn if preferred by client (again underwear always kept on).


For Pre-Event & Post-Event massage sports person remains in sports kit and massage is performed on-site through clothing & towels.

What should I expect in a typical treatment?

You will be greeted then seated by Emma for some paperwork and a client consultation to record & discuss your reasons for having a treatment, medical history and any questions you may have. If required in Sports Massage you may have a client postural assessment also.

Read client assessment procedure for more information.


The therapist will go through some basic points with you before the treatment begins and recap the treatment plan discussed & agreed by both of you. The therapist will then leave the room for you to get undressed accordingly (read bring/wear FAQ). You will then carefully place yourself onto the table face up ready for treatment. In this instance there will be a towel which you should loosely cover yourself with like a blanket to protect modesty for when the therapist enters. When you are ready the therapist will re-enter the room, adjust the towelling ready for treatment-use then begin.


  • In Holistic Massage the main purpose of the treatment is for relaxation so in order for you to receive the full benefits from the massage you are encouraged not to communicate unless initiated by the therapist so you are able to completely relax your body & mind to positively channel your energies.


  • Sports Massage is a very different type of therapy to Holistic and the therapist will need to be communicating with you regularly to monitor your tolerated threshold from strokes and how you are feeling.


When the initial treatment is finished the therapist will inform you, give you time to adjust and 'come round' whilst collecting you a glass of water. The therapist will then leave the room for a few minutes whereby you would slowly emerge from the table in your own time and clothe yourself.

Please see aftercare for further information.

How can I pay?

You can pay by card, cash payment or advance bank transfer (upon request of bank details).

How do I book an appointment?

Easily! Here are your simple options:


  • There are many tabs throughout the website stated 'Make an Appointment' which you can click to be taken directly to our online booking form.
  • Or you can click the tab at the top of the page directly to do this.
  • You can also call Emma on 07756907378

How do I cancel an appointment?

I will always contact clients via text message a day or two before their treatment as a reminder and confirmation. If you need to cancel your appointment at ELM for a reason; it could be you have a 'total contra-indication' (read client assessment procedure) or another genuine reason then you must inform Emma as soon as possible or at least 24 hours before your scheduled treatment time.


To cancel your appointment please call Emma on 07756907378.


Note: less than 24 hours notice will require a charge of 50% of the treatment cost.

Do you have a specific question for ELM?

Give Emma a call on 07756907378 or compose your own question and send directly to Emma using the contact form.

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