Initial Assessment

When making an appointment for the first time you will be asked for general personal information and if you have any medical conditions, injuries or 'contra-indications'; symptoms & conditions that may affect the purpose & reverse the benefits of having a massage treatment.  



This will be looked over more thoroughly when meeting on the day however notifying the therapist beforehand will save time if a condition or injury may need to be further investigated by a GP before a treatment can take place.



'Total Contra-indications' which will restrict a treatment include:

  • COVID-19 symptoms or exposure
  • Fever
  • Under the influence of alcohol of recreational drugs
  • Contagious or infectious diseases
  • Diarrohoea & vomiting
  • Skin diseases
  • Undiagnosed lumps or bumps
  • Localised Swelling


In this circumstance you MUST cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before (less than 24 hours notice may incur a nominal charge) and postpone untill symptoms have subsided.

Client Consultation

When arriving for your first treatment the therapist will go through a full initial consultation with you to find out your reasons for having a massage and to decide the best treatment plan for your needs.



Written & Verbal Consultation

This part of the consultation involves meeting you!

The therapist will introduce themselves before discussing & recording your personal details, medical history, any contra-indications, diet and lifestyle information in order to 'picture your lifestyle' and cater your most suitable type of treatment to this. Some of this will be done online before your treatment with a client records update form.




The therapist will go through standard procedures such as what the treatment involves, how it is suitable for your requirements, effects of massage, health & safety and answer any queries you may have.



In the case of a sports massage treatment a physical client assessment may be required on sessions depending on the state of muscular tension and reasons for treatment at that time. Client assessments require subjective feedback where the client gives information about their state, but are mostly objective where the therapist would pay attention to:


  • Postural Observation & Symmetry
  • Muscular Flexibility
  • Joint Mobility
  • Ranges of Movement through active, passive and resisted movements.
  • Initial Palpations of skin, muscles & bones.


On each treatment after the initial session the therapist will do a brief pre-treatment consultation to see how you have been since the last treatment in terms of lifestyle and present/previous symptoms along with post-treatment feedback & aftercare.

NB: All clients will sign a disclaimer form before first treatment and information provided will remain confidential & abide by general data protection regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

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