ELM Covid-19 Policy

This policy must be read and understood before you visit ELM. Please read all and fill in the declaration on this page in order to progress with your appointment.


Please read and adhere at all times to the following health and safety advice that will be inputted at Emma Leeson Massage (ELM) Limited in line with professional medical and UK Government guidance regarding COVID-19. 


You will be asked to sign a form upon each visit to ELM to show you have fully read and understood these protocols and are fit for treatment. These measures are for the protection of all. Thank you for your understanding.


If you or any member of your household or support bubble has symptoms of COVID-19 you MUST cancel your appointment and self-isolate with your household members and book a Covid-19 test immediately.




  • As usual, I will still be confirming appointments 24hrs prior but will be sending clients a mandatory short pre-treatment Covid-19 questionnaire to fill out before every treatment. This questions will be reinstated upon arrival and a disclaimer form will need to be signed on arrival each visit. Clients will need to fill out a clients record update form just on their first visit back.


  • Please cancel or refrain from booking if you have been feeling unwell in the last 7+ days leading up to your treatment, awaiting a COVID-19 test result or have been in contact with anybody showing symptoms or diagnosis of COVID-19. If cancelled due to this you must self-isolate and we will book another appointment after 10-14 days (or longer; if and when you are symptom free).


  • Please follow current government advice in regards to quarantine periods if you have been abroad.


  • If I or my household are feeling unwell with COVID-19 symptoms or feel we have been exposed to the virus I will cancel all appointments for the following 10-14 day period and self-isolate.
  • Our safety is paramount and honesty is key so I urge you to be truthful when considering coming to my treatment space for the health and well-being of everyone.


  • If you are feeling anxious about coming to ELM; I have a vast amount of compliant safety measures in place as you will read. I do not mind at all if you do not feel ready to come back yet. This pandemic has been an unsettling time for all and I would rather you felt relaxed and comfortable and got the full benefits of your treatment when you are ready to do so.


  • Cancellation Fee Policy will be eased in Covid-19 situations. There will be no cancellation fee if cancelled on the day of treatment (more notice is very much appreciated but is understandably not always possible) due to a sudden onset of feeling unwell with COVID-19 symptoms or illness. Please bear in mind (above) the 10-14 day hold on rebooking in this case.
  • Aside from this scenario, normal cancellation policy of a 50% charge of treatment fee if cancel on the day of treatment still applies to non-illness cases.



  • From August 2020 face coverings will have to be worn in indoor settings including when receiving massage services by LAW. For clients of ELM you will need to put your mask on before entering our treatment room and remove upon exit. You may only take your face covering off on occasion when lying face down (prone) on the massage table if you wish to aid breathing if needed. For more information on this regulation please click here to be directed to gov.uk website.


  • We will be in an enclosed space where social distancing will be difficult for hands-on treatment duration. You may bring your own clean mask or if you forget I will have disposable masks for you to purchase for £1 each.


  • There is growing evidence that wearing a face covering in an enclosed space helps protect individuals and those around them from COVID-19. A face covering can be very simple. It just needs to cover your mouth and nose.


  • As of 15th August 2020 services which require workers to be within the ‘highest risk zone’ of clients such as face, head, neck in supine and hand massage can now be resumed (defined as the area in front of the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth, that may not be visible, can be present and pose a hazard from the client to the practitioner and vice versa).


  • Social distancing in line with current UK government advice will be in place at all times whilst not performing hands-on treatment such as pre treatment consultation and payment.


  • It is preferable for hygiene to bring your own drinking water with you in a sealed container. If not, I am now allowed to provide water in plastic cups.
  • Aside from essentials, please limit baggage and bringing items into the treatment room with you. No food to be consumed please.


  • Please arrive at correct appointment time to avoid prolonged contact, reduce time in treatment room and risk of contact with previous clients.


  • Please do not touch the door handles - kindly knock the door on arrival and I will open it for you as well as when you exit. Please sit where instructed and refrain from touching items in the treatment room if not necessary.


  • As of 24th September 2020 designated businesses in England are required by law to display an official NHS QR code poster which clients with smart phone devices are advised to scan for the purpose of track and trace. If you do not have the NHS app ELM already has contact details for every client on record and would be in touch if there was a Covid-19 incident involving us. More information on the app can be found here. To download the NHS official Covid-19 app click here


  • Upon arrival I have decided I will be carrying out temperature checks straight away with an infrared handheld monitor to the temple. This data will be recorded on the disclaimer form you must sign at every visit. 
  • If your temperature reads over 37.8 celcius treatment will to be seized and you will have to leave immediately.


  • I will be taking and recording my own temperature at the start of my shift and 'signing in' to the ELM QR code on the track and trace app everyday. I will be wearing PPE including a visor, Type 2 face mask and disposable apron for the duration of your time in the treatment room.


  • It will be compulsory for clients to sanitize hands when entering and leaving the treatment room as well as straight after hands-on treatment has finished before getting dressed with provided alcohol gel.


  • Payment for treatment is preferred beforehand via bank transfer. I do have a card machine whereby contactless and apple/android pay up to £45 are preferred or chip and pin. Key pad will be disinfected before and after each use. Please try to refrain from cash payments if possible.


  • If you would like to set me up as a payee for online bank transfer payments send me a text message on 07756907378 and I will forward my details to you. 
  • Cost of treatment will be confirmed in pre-treatment contact 24hrs beforehand.


  • Non-essential items have been removed from treatment space for a minimalist and cleaner environment.


  • Regular risk assessments will be carried out.


  • A plastic lidded box will be provided for you to place all of your belongings in. This will be disinfected after each client.


  • As usual, I will be sanitizing my hands upon your arrival, just before hands-on treatment commences, hand washing after treatment and hand sanitizing before and after handling used PPE, used laundry and treatment room cleaning.


  • Like before, there will be ample time of 30-45 minutes between each booking for cleaning, ventilating and disinfecting the treatment room.


  • As always, all towels and linens will be used once, washed and tumble dried at a high temperature after every use.


  • Treatment bed itself and bolsters will have a protective plastic covering and will be wiped cleaned and disinfected after every client.


  • 'High-touch areas' will be disinfected routinely throughout the day and before/after every client such as door handles, taps, hand gel, soap & oil dispensers, light switches, sink, pens, tables, mobile phone etc.


  • Floor will be wiped between each client and deep cleaned at the end of each day.


  • The room will be ventilated for as much time as possible with the main entrance door being left open to the outdoors in between treatments and during consulations. The only time the door will be closed is during hands on treatment time. We will have a window open and we also have an electric fan if required.


  • PPE will be replaced freshly for each client performed in the recommended hygienic sequence and waste management guidelines will be followed.


  • Treatments carried out at ELM's treatment room are preferred for the prevention of potential cross-contamination and being in control of a safe, hygienic and covid-secure environment.
  • Mobile bookings will be evaluated and considered but no more than one a day will be booked in my diary to prevent any potential spread of Covid-19.


  • Whilst Covid-19 measures are still in place I will only be providing mobile appointments to existing clients.


  • The client must confirm prior to the therapist entering their premises that they or nobody in the household has symptoms of COVID-19. If themselves or anybody in the household is 'at risk' or self-isolating the treatment should not take place.
  • If the therapist turns up and somebody is unwell in the household the treatment should not take place. Honesty is key for the safety of everyone.


  • The client is expected to maintain hygiene levels in the household, specifically the rooms that we will be accessing and working in for treatment for safe practice.


  • Both the client and therapist must hand sanitize and put on face masks/ PPE outside before being welcomed/entering the property. Please remember it is now the law for clients receiving massage services to wear a face mask when in enclosed indoor spaces. If you do not have a mask I have disposable masks to purchase for £1 each.


  • The client should be the only person touching their door handles to prevent cross-contamination so needs to therefore open and close doors for the therapist.


  • Only the therapist and client being treated should be in contact. The client should prevent other household members from entering the room and keep the area well ventilated. The same applies having clear pathways with no people when the therapist is transporting equipment through the premises.


  • Social distancing in line with current UK government advice will be in place at all times whilst not performing hands-on treatment such as pre treatment consultation and payment.

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